The Hatmaker’s Secret

About the Hatmaker’s Secret:

The Hatmaker’s Secret by Jill TresederTwo babies born a century apart – what is the link between them? Themes of secrets and identity, prejudice and betrayal echo from one century to another as three women struggle with these issues to find forgiveness and trust.

‘The Hatmaker’s Secret’ follows the story of one woman whose whole sense of self depends upon keeping her secret; of another who is confused about her own identity; and of a third whose marriage is threatened.

Can they overcome their damaging experiences to find forgiveness, trust and a way forward?
In 2006 Vanessa Carter sets out to unravel a family mystery.  But her quest continually leads her away from her ancestors and into a re-evaluation of her own mother and their relationship.

Marjorie Dorothea - from 'The Hatmaker's Secret'

  Who was this complex woman? Why did her mother keep her mixed race origins under wraps and how did she pull the wool over Vanessa’s eyes?  How did the beautiful girl turn into the controlling mother she remembers?  How can Vanessa reconcile the two and find peace?  And what about the threat to the marriage of her daughter, Kate?

‘The Hatmaker’s Secret’ was inspired by a family secret unearthed after Jill’s mother’s death.

Jill explained: “When my mother died in 2006 I found a photograph of my West Indian great grandmother, who we knew nothing about.”

“We were very surprised to say the least, so I did a lot of research and found many new relatives – and an idea for a novel.”

Excerpt from an interview with By the Dart

‘The Hatmaker’s Secret’ is available as a paperback or as a Kindle download – via Amazon.

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