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Hair Past A Freckle

I have a feeling that I’ll still be thinking about Katalin and Marika for a long time, so engrossed was I by their lives in this beautifully engaging novel.

My Sister, Myself is an emotive and captivating story about the troubled lives of two sisters divided by the experiences they share which leads into a thoughtful and fascinating examination of belonging and attachment. This wonderful book was a sheer pleasure to read from start to finish and I wholeheartedly recommend.

Over the Rainbow Book Blog

My Sister, Myself is a stunning piece of historical fiction that was a fantastically absorbing read.

This book is very gripping with lots of action or revelations happening, but it is the characters and their relationship with each other that made me keep reading.  I found I really enjoyed spending time with the family and felt caught up in their lives.  I felt quite emotional when the secrets started to be revealed and the effect it had in the family.  A sure sign that I was too involved!

Emma R

MSM is a compelling and poignant novel.
It left me with a deep feeling of empathy for refugees…
A joy to read… highly recommend to anyone with an interest in 20th century historical fiction.

Mama Loves to Read

My Sister, Myself is a skilful portrayal of family dynamics and the situational impact the world we live in can have on these relationships.

I give this book a very solid 4-star rating based on amazing character development and the fact that the author didn’t allow the plot to get too bogged down in the historical narrative of Hungarian Revolution, which could have been a distraction.

My Bookish Blogspot

Loved the sharp contrasts between the two sisters, how Treseder used narrative to show raw emotion… The dynamic between them was often dramatic … tension at times too much to bear as these two young women fought not only themselves but also society.

A novel that reeled you in, wouldn’t let you go until the very last page, its themes hugely emotive. I was sad to leave the wonderful characters Treseder created.

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My Sister, Myself is an intriguing story about identity, family ties, divided loyalties, displacement, loneliness, the experience of being an outsider and of trying to find your place in a world that seems unfamiliar, hostile or just plain confusing.

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