Reviews for A Place of Safety

9781781322581-Perfect.inddTackling a daring topic, assisted suicide, with compassion and subtlety, Jill Treseder achieves that rare thing, a novel whose story compels, whose characters convince and whose depth charge resonates long after the last page. Written with panache and enviable fluency, ‘A Place of Safety’ investigates themes of love and loss, denial and disclosure, wounding and redemption in a way that avoids cliché and offers only partial resolution. This work has emotional range, audacity and a filmic brilliance. It deserves a wide readership.

Susi L, Surrey

Captivated me – life, when it begins and how and when it should pass, is wonderfully presented and questioned through both Alfie and Esther. Their strong individual voices are anchored in Dartmoor and the landscape of Devon and Cornwall.

Suzie S, New Hampshire

I am still reeling from the emotional roller-coaster of Alfie and Esther’s relationship. A fantastic book which gripped me from beginning to end. The descriptions of the moor made me long to revisit Dartmoor.

CL, Oxford