New novels from Jill Treseder


My second novel ‘A Place of Safety’, which is set on Dartmoor, is now available! Published by SilverWood Books of Bristol, it is available from them, and can be ordered from bookshops or from Amazon. It is out as a paperback and as an ebook in various formats.

I was delighted to speak at Ways with Words in July and to have such a receptive audience.  I was part of a day with the theme ‘The Creative Process’, and talked about what triggered the writing of ‘The Hatmaker’s Secret’ and of the next novel, amongst other things.

‘The Hatmaker’s Secret’ is doing well, and is available as a Kindle download and as a paperback available from Amazon, and from Dartmouth Community Bookshop. I’m thrilled that it’s been well-reviewed and I keep meeting people who have enjoyed reading it, so click here to find out more.

Jill Treseder - My view of the River Dart in Devon

Meanwhile the third novel is taking shape and I’m enjoying my beautiful view and the luxury of having time and a place for writing.

If you’re wondering about the unpublished novel which I wrote first ‘Just Like a Woman’ (let’s call it Novel 0 to avoid confusion) – it’s in the digital equivalent of a writer’s bottom drawer where it should probably stay. But one day I might dig it out and rewrite it, so that Fran and Dale, Zelda and Aunt Goldie get to see the light of day. Who knows?

~ Jill Treseder